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by Accounting One Live on November 26, 2018

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recent and revolutionary way to smoke has hit the market. Cutting out old materials like bongs and papers with its cutting-edge advanced features, is the Genius Pipe. Many people around the world are discovering, using and spreading the gospel about this amazing new pipe. Read on in this complete Genius Pipe review to find out all you need to know about the Genius Pipe, which mg claimed could be the future of smoking.

Ingenious and advanced features of The Genius Pipe.

These include the likes of:

  • A sleek, all-aluminum finish, together with countless dimples on the interior that work to cool and filter smoke.

Aluminium is used because it is not only one of the safest materials in the world, it is also very abundant. The Center of Disease and Control (CDC) state that aluminum is safe for use, making it a perfect material for a metal bowl

  • Unlike bongs, which are loved by smokers around the world, Genius Pipe has a water-less filtration system that does not dilute the taste of your hits.
  • A sliding spill and smell proof cover covers your smoking material.

Let’s look what exactly Genius pipe user community love about the development:

  • The Genius Pipe was received and works exactly as it is advertised, so rest assured you can trust the advertising here
  • Users felt they had smoother, mellower draws, of which less were needed to feel the same full effect
  • The Genius Pipe has been recommended for anyone who gets burning during smoking – the Genius Pipe’s flawless and innovative design stops smokers coughing and choking on smoke, allowing a much more enjoyable experience
  • Customers were very impressed with the fast delivery service, which is worldwide. The company went to lengths for customers such as replacing lost orders, which is not a surprise since fantastic customer service is a big theme is customer reviews
  • The Genius Pipe is easy to use as it is self-explanatory
  • Very high durability
  • Great for oils using the Genius Stone (accessory) on the Genius Pipe
  • Reviews mention that the screens are amazing, and the artwork on them is simply a bonus to the amazing design

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