7Pipe was founded in 2007 in the San Francisco Bay Area and has become the worldwide leader in the specialized field of pipe design. 7Pipe designed the self-named 7Pipe all-in-one lighter pipe that combined glass, flame and pipe in one portable unit. More recently, the viral hit the Twisty Glass changed the way America smokes on-the-go. Their product video has received an astounding thirty six million hits and continues to go up every month.

Currently 7Pipe is only manufacturing Twisty Glass products such as the original Twisty Glass and the Twisty Glass Mini. However, 7Pipe is continuously innovating and creating new, buzz-worthy products all the time. Because of the Twisty's success and popularity there have been many attempts at fakes and knock-offs. Although Smokea only carries authentic 7Pipe products, we urge shoppers to beware when shopping elsewhere. If you want the most revolutionary designs in the smoking industry, shop 7Pipe and their Twisty Glass products. We promise you won't regret it.

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