So you have a nice new bong and you're looking to add some additional filtration. If that's the case you've came to the right place. Ash catchers work by attaching to your water pipes regular bowl joint to add an additional layer of filtration before your smoke is sucked through the base of your pipe. Ash catchers can come in a wide variety of styles including several different percolators, joint sizes, angled joints and other features.

In addition to ash catchers, you'll also find a wide selection of reclaimers in this collection. Reclaimers are similar to ash catchers in the sense that they both replace your normal bowl to add an additional features. However, ash catchers can be filled with water to provide a cooler smoother hit while reclaimers are typically used with extracts to reclaim any wax or concentrates that drips through your banger or nail. This prevents waste by saving these materials and collecting them rather than them being sucked into the base of your water pipe.

SMOKEA® offers a wide selection of both ash catchers and reclaimers from some of the industry's best names like GRAV, Mathematix and many more so you can customize your water pipe exactly the way you want.

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