Blazing Blue Glass is the creator of the original honeycomb glass screen for pipes and bowls. Founded in 2008, Blazing Blue Glass has put quality and function above all else in the creation of their wide range of glass products. Made with high quality borosilicate glass and top of the line joints, Blazing Blue Glass products guarantee you a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking experience.

The Original Honeycomb Screen is the first creation from Blazing Blue Glass and has since revolutionized the smoking industry. These glass honeycomb screens are durable and improve airflow in your pipe or bowl without allowing any of your materials to be sucked through. The Honeycomb Screen can also be used in vape pens or to fix broken bowls.

While honeycomb screens are the bread and butter of Blazing Blue Glass, their selection doesn't end there. Blazing Blue Glass has extended on the honeycomb screen to create a line of chillums, line tube bats, crutches, bowls and more all incorporating the original glass honeycomb screen. For a perfect pull every time, use a Blazing Blue Glass honeycomb screen, pipe or bowl for your next smoking session.

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