Blown Glassgoods has been designing and manufacturing high quality bongs and water pipes since 2010 based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Blown Glassgoods is made to last, constructed with thick glass and intricate percolators for a smoking experience that won't disappoint. Blown Glassgoods is committed to providing unique designs and high quality products that will make you want to buy a Blown Glassgoods piece every time you're looking for new glass.

Smokea offers a wide selection of Blown Glassgoods bongs, rigs and water pipes including everything from a simple Blown Glassgoods Straight Tube to the more intricate and unique Penguin and Bear Bongs. These double stacked bongs were so eye-catching that they were featured on the front cover of HQ Magazine. Whether you want a simple design with made with high quality materials or a more unique piece that will turn heads at every party, Blown Glassgoods has the next bong or water pipe for you.

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