Ah, the trusty bubbler. Bubbler pipes have become extremely popular for smokers who enjoy using hand pipes. The reason for this is because bubblers provide a convenient, on-the-go size while still offering the functionality of a water pipe.

Think if a regular spoon hand pipe and a small personal sized bong had a baby - a perfect combination of size and function. Bubblers are great for those looking for a personal size hand pipe that still offers water filtration. The water filtration feature of bubblers offer smokers a much cooler, smoother smoking experience compared to a dry hand pipe. Bubblers can come in a variety of styles such as a hammer bubbler, upright bubbler and even blunt bubblers. The shape and size really comes down to personal preference. Bubblers are also available in a variety of materials including glass, silicone, and wood. Shop SMOKEA® for a wide selection of bubbler pipes and find the perfect one for you!

Bubblers (15)

GRAV 5.5" Arcline Upright Bubbler


Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler Pipe


MJ Arsenal Original King Toke Blunt Bubbler


Buddie Burners Snack Pack Blunt Bubbler


Buddie Burners Sippie Blunt Bubbler


Buddie Burners Oil Slick Blunt Bubbler


Buddie Burners Kaboom Blunt Bubbler


MJ Arsenal Original Martian Blunt Bubbler


Mike O’Connor Frit Donut Sidelock Bubbler


Mike O’Connor Frit Donut Sherlock Bubbler


Troy Hales Blue Sherlock Bubbler w/ Colored Accents


Troy Hales Green Sherlock Bubbler w/ Colored Accents


Troy Hales Blue Hammer Bubbler w/ Colored Accents


GRAV x Jane West 5" Upright Bubbler


Dynomite Glass Full Rasta Frit Sidecar Bubbler Pipe


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