Ah, the trusty bubbler. Bubbler pipes have become extremely popular for smokers who enjoy using hand pipes. The reason for this is because bubblers provide a convenient, on-the-go size while still offering the functionality of a water pipe.

Think if a regular spoon hand pipe and a small personal sized bong had a baby - a perfect combination of size and function. Bubblers are great for those looking for a personal size hand pipe that still offers water filtration. The water filtration feature of bubblers offer smokers a much cooler, smoother smoking experience compared to a dry hand pipe. Bubblers can come in a variety of styles such as a hammer bubbler, upright bubbler and even blunt bubblers. The shape and size really comes down to personal preference. Bubblers are also available in a variety of materials including glass, silicone, and wood. Shop SMOKEA® for a wide selection of bubbler pipes and find the perfect one for you!

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