Based in New York, USA, Buddie Burners provides customers a selection of unique smoking pipes and accessories that can't be found elsewhere. Buddie Burners got their start in 2017 by creating a unique line of bubblers including the Kaboom, Oil Slick, Sippie and Snack Pack that have pleasantly surprised roll your own enthusiasts. Buddie Burners aren't just like any other bubbler, and it's not just because they're miniature. Buddie Burners bubblers are designed to hold your pre-roll or cigarette perfectly and water filter the smoke so you can enjoy a smoother smoking experience with your favorite tobacco. The bubblers can also fit a 14mm bowl so you can have your own little on-the-go water pipe as well.

Buddie Burner's doesn't stop with the design of their bubbler line. They've also created some extremely unique pipes and accessories such as the Stack-a-Bowl; a glass on glass slide with three separate bowls so you can enjoy three different tobaccos at once, or share with a friend. They also are the creators of the world famous Muchie Madness water pipe; the world's first functional bowl pipe! That's right, you can enjoy a bowl of cereal and smoke out of this piece at the same time. Buddie Burners are sure to continue innovating and creating unique products and you can find them all right here at Smokea.

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