California Vaping Company is, as you might have guessed, a California based eJuice and vape juice manufacturer. 

Bandit Tobacco will provide any tobacco-loving vaper with the best experience. It is a classic tobacco blend. Rich, velvety and sweet, it is completed by tones of caramel and roasted almonds, creating a worthy rival amongst the other eJuices of its’ kind. 

If you are looking for a sweeter experience, White Mango is perfect for you. It is a blend of sweet and crisp white mango, fresh coconut and pineapple mixed to perfection, all for your satisfaction. 

California Vaping Company’s got something for creamier vapes lovers, too! Cut Strawberry Milk is a medley of organic strawberries and a complex blend of sweet milks and creams, enriched by a delightful sugar cookie exhale. YUM!

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