Chameleon Glass has been one of the largest names in the glass industry for over two decades and there's good reason for that. Chameleon Glass produces 100% American made high quality hand pipes, bubblers, chillums and other great smoking pipes. Based out of Arizona, Chameleon Glass focuses on providing customers with unique designs, character and themed pipes and more.

The slogan for Chameleon Glass is "real people, real innovation" and it's not just a slogan that sounds cool, it's what the employees at Chameleon Glass live by. The artists at Chameleon work hard every day to come up with new and original pipe concepts. Not all concepts make it to production, each pipe undergoes a strict quality control process that ensures the pipe is a quality design that customers will appreciate as well as checking for functional superiority and aesthetic consistency.

Chameleon Glass has always been (and always will be) proudly made in the USA. Those four little words may not mean the most to every customer, but most are willing to spend a little extra dough for the quality that comes with those words. Chameleon Glass has strict quality standards and high quality materials that competitors in China just don't use. You probably don't need to be reminded of the numerous reports of unsafe, tainted or low quality products that come from China but you should be reminded Chameleon Glass is of the highest quality, made in the USA and with the consumer in mind.

Chameleon Glass is double blown, hand-worked inside and out for an amazingly crisp, clean and sturdy design on all of their pipes. There's been plenty of stand out pipes created at Chameleon but the most memorable is their signature color-changing glass and although Chameleon has perfected the art of color-changing glass it is important to remember that Chameleon Glass does not mean color-changing glass. It is a common misconception that color-changing glass is called "Chameleon Glass"; however, not all color-changing glass is Chameleon Glass and not all Chameleon Glass is color changing.

If you dig quality, American made glass from a company that's been around for over 20 years, you'll love Chameleon Glass. Buy the original and support real people and real innovation.

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