Chewy Grinders are the designers and manufacturers of some of the world's most unique and revolutionary grinders to ever hit the market. Chewy Grinders got their start by running a crowd funding campaign to launch their original product; the Chewy Grinder. When the Chewy Grinder was being produced it was the first of it's kind to ever hit the market and shortly after many other companies started producing their own version of electric grinders.

After the success of the original Chewy Grinders began developing what is the best electric grinder on the market today; the Chewy 2. Using the feedback from thousands of customers, Chewy Grinders improved on it's original design by adding several new features that left no question as to which electric grinder was the best available. In addition to the launch of the Chewy 2, Chewy Grinders launch a companion product called the Chube. The Chube is the world's first silicone grinder and it's super simple yet super effective. The Chube is the only grinder that allows you to grind by rolling the Chube in your hands or against any hard surface. The Chube has become one of the most sought after grinders due to its ease of use, portability, and air tight and odor proof design.

Whether you're looking for the high tech end of grinders or something simpler yet innovative; Chewy Grinders has the answer.

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