Smoke significantly with Empire Rolling's one of a kind Bennys rolling papers. Empire Rolling Papers are spreading like wildfire and appearing on celebrity videos and instagram accounts daily. The popularity of these $100 dollar bill rolling papers is like no other rolling paper in history.

Empire Rolling Bennys papers are made with natural ingredients, are non-toxic and use vegetable oil coloring. You might be thinking...this is counterfeit money and has to be illegal but Empire Rolling papers follow U.S. treasury regulations so you don't have to be worried about that. In addition to being made with premium ingredients, Bennys contain no nicotine and no tobacco. Bennys are available in "Empire Size" which measures 4.2" in length. Each pack contains 10 Bennys $100 bill rolling papers and 10 filter tips. If it's time to class up your rolling game, Empire Rolling's $100 bill Bennys rolling papers will sure do the trick.

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