Eyce started in 2013 when the founders had the brilliant idea to create a mold that could freeze functional water pipes made of ice. As the founders perfected the concept the first Eyce Mold was born. Changing the water pipe game with the scientifically proven coolest hits provided by any bong on the market, Eyce continued to innovate with new, unique concepts that have taken the smoking world by storm.

After the success of the Eyce Mold and the Eyce 2.0 Ice Bong Mold the company began to transform into a high quality silicone pipe company that created the most unique silicone pipes around. As Eyce states, "we didn't invent silicone, we just perfected it". And here at Smokea, we truly believe they have. Eyce has gone on to create some of the world's best silicone pipes such as the Eyce Spoon, Eyce Bubbler, and the world's best selling rig; the Eyce Rig. Including features like built in tools and storage, built in ice catchers, replaceable glass bowls along with being nearly indestructible, Eyce really has perfected the silicone pipe. If you haven't tried a silicone pipe before, skip trying the other brands and buy an Eyce product. We promise you won't regret it.

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