No one likes getting a mouthful of Scooby Snacks when trying to enjoy a nice pre-rolled blunt. That's what filters and tips are for! If your a roll your own enthusiast filters and tips are a must-have product to have in your arsenal.

Tips are amazing for anyone who rolls, many people think they're unnecessary but once they try them, they're hooked! Tips can come in a variety of materials such as glass, wood, and silicone. Tips not only help to prevent from spreading spit while sharing a blunt but many also feature a built in pinch that acts as an ash catcher.

If you roll your own cigarettes filters may be helpful to help filter out any unwanted tar from your tobacco. In addition, filters will add some drag to your cigarette to keep it from burning up too fast. Filters are available from several brands such as Raw and Zen in a variety of flavors and sizes.

Shop SMOKEA® for a wide selection of roll your own filters and tips to find the perfect way to top off your blunt!

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