Nowadays the smoking industry is flooded with cheap imported silicone products. Many of these products claim to be "medical grade" or "platinum cured", while in reality they are manufactured with a variety of fillers that are used to expand the manufacturer's profits.

For-A-Dab believes using cheap silicone is an unnecessary risk which can lead to the end users extracts becoming contaminated with chemicals such as BPA. For-A-Dab provides only the highest quality silicone products for their valued customers. All For-A-Dab products are manufactured in a U.S. based facility that specializes in producing high quality medical grade silicone products and accessories for the smoking industry. For-A-Dab specializes in product solutions that solves every day problems for the every day smoker. An example of this is For-A-Dab's unique silicone dab tools covers that make a great storage cover for your tools during non-use to avoid nasty debris being stuck to them. For-A-Dab continues to innovate with new silicone products and is proud to be able to produce all of their products here in the USA.

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