Glass pipes are with out a doubt the most classic way to have a session. Glass blowing has been an artistic expression for years, it is amazing that glass pipes are creative functional pieces of art. Glass pipes can come in a variety of styles that are either dry pipes - pipes that require no water and are easier for travel, or water pipes - pipes that add water filtration cooling down the smoke making it a smoother hit.

Dry glass pipe styles include chillums, glass blunts, one hitters, sherlocks, spoons, steamrollers and specialty pipes. Each style is different in its design to fit your needs. HijackSmoking offers many unique glass pipes that you can't find at most other online headshops. Glass waterpipe styles include bongs, rigs, bubblers or spubblers. Every waterpipe style has its own function and can be used with different materials.

We are proud of the brands of glass pipes we carry. HijackSmoking is grateful to have strong relationships with top brand names allowing us to carry amazing quality glass from top notch glass blowers all over the country. The variety of styles and designs in glass are endless! We offer the modern minimalistic style of GRAV to the beautifully artistic pieces from Empire Glassworks. Whether you're looking for a simple or dramatic piece we have everything you need here at HijackSmoking.

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