Grav (formerly Grav Labs) has been making high quality scientific glassware since 2004 in Austin, Texas. Grav is always innovating and creating new pipes, bongs, rigs and other smoking accessories that are perfect for the beginner to the experienced smoker. Grav has created some of the industries top brands such as Helix, STAX, Upline, Arcline, Orbis, and several more. In addition, Grav values collaboration and continues to work with some of the industries other leading artists such as Jane West and Micah Evans. Grav has developed a cult-like following due to their high quality and attention to detail. When you purchase a Grav piece you'll be able to rest easy knowing you own a high quality pipe from one of the industry's leading brands.

GRAV (79)

GRAV 4" Beaker Spoon


Grav 10" Dabitron Bubbler Nail


GRAV 10" Gravitron Bubbler Bowl


GRAV 7" STAX Tree Perc


GRAV x Jane West 5" Upright Bubbler


GRAV x Jane West 4" Steamroller Pipe


GRAV x Jane West 4" Spoon Pipe


GRAV x Jane West 3" Onsie Taster


GRAV x Jane West 14mm Beaker Bowl


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