Grenco Science designs and manufactures some of the world's most well-known vaporizers to ever hit the market. Grenco Science is consistently engineering new, more advanced vaporizers and accessories to adapt to the ever changing vaporizer market. All Grenco Science vaporizers are designed to be small and portable in size while still providing all the power needed for the most enjoyable vaping experience.

The most well-known Grenco Science vaporizer, the G-Pen, revolutionized the vaping industry and has been featured in news outlets and articles worldwide. Since the release of the G-Pen vaporizer, Grenco Science has released new slimmer designs known as the G-Slim series which make for great on-the-go vaporizers and are the size of an average ink pen. In addition to the original G-Pen line, Grenco Science has release the newer G-Pen Elite and G-Pen Pro models that are both for use with dry materials. Whether your looking for a dry vaporizer or something for your extracts, Grenco Science offers a high-tech, feature-rich vaporizer to suit any vaping needs.

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