Herbal Extreme is a health and wellness company based in Redding, California, USA that specializes in supplements for body cleansing, men and women's heath and mental health. Herbal Extreme's main line of products consist of X-Pulsion cleansing solutions that are formulated to cleanse the blood, liver, urinary tract, kidneys, hair and saliva of all unwanted toxins.

No matter if it's the food we eat, the air we breath or the cigarettes we smoke, you are being exposed to toxins on a daily basis. It is important to keep your body clear of any and all toxins for a healthier and overall better lifestyle. X-Pulsion products help to keep your body free of these toxins in a variety of cleansing solutions. The most popular of Herbal Extreme's X-Pulsion products is the X-Pulsion 5 Day Cleanser that includes several capsules to be taken on a daily basis to completely clean your system. For a healthier, cleaner lifestyle choose Herbal Extreme's X-Pulsion line of products.

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