Honey Labs was created with the mission of creating a concentrate straw that couldn't break as easily as most glass straws available on the market. After the prototype was made, Honey Labs opened it's doors in 2015 and started production of the world famous Honey Dabber concentrate straw.

The Honey Dabber from Honey Labs is a simple, durable, and convenient concentrate straw that solves the issue of needing to cautiously wait for the hot tip to cool down after use. The protection from the hot tip comes from a patent pending removable wooden sleeve that provides a heat resistant barrier between you and the hot tip after the straw is used. Honey Labs produces the Honey Dabber concentrate straw with only the highest quality materials to make sure you are getting the safest product possible. The Honey Dabber is now in it's second version, the Honey Dabber II, which includes all of the great aspects of the original Honey Dabber but now includes replaceable titanium and quartz tips. If you're looking for the easiest, most convenient on-the-go solution for smoking concentrates, look no further than the Honey Dabber from Honey Labs.

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