Incredibowl Industries is a Boulder, Colorado based company founded in March 2009. The vision behind Incredibowl Industries was blending outside-of-the-box thinking, and cutting-edge technology with a devotion to their lifestyle. With that foundation, using computer-aided drafting, a blend of CNC manufacturing, hand-made craftsmanship and a brilliant engineering team, Incredibowl Industries has produced products that outperform and outlast anything else on the market.

An evolved industry deserves an evolved smoking system and Incredibowl Industries has accomplished just that. After the introduction of Incredibowl m420, Incredibowl i420 and a family of add-ons and accessories Incredibowl Industries had created some of the best selling smoking pieces in the world. With the highest quality, uniquely evolved smoking pipes and accessories, and a superior warranty program the Incredibowl products have been selected by fans worldwide to win over two dozen international awards and accolades.

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