Juicy is a brand of many products but probably the most well known product is Juicy Jay's flavored rolling papers. Juicy Jay's were one of the first flavored rolling papers ever to come around when the creator with the nickname "Cool Jay" decided to make a menthol rolling paper and name it after himself and the Cool Jay's rolling papers were born. After the success of the menthol rolling paper Cool Jay decided to try a Watermelon flavor and the name Juicy Jay's became the name of those and 40 other flavors of now the world's most popular flavored rolling papers.

With the success of Juicy Jay's came the creation of a wide range of roll your own and smoking accessories. Later came Juicy Wraps, the most flavorful cigar wraps in the world followed by Juicy Incense and the Juicy Pipe. Now with their most recent product the Juicy Hemp Wraps, Juicy continues to grow and continue to innovate new products that smoker's worldwide have come to know and love.

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