Metal Pipes are great for any smoker whether your just starting out or a seasoned veteran. Metal smoking pipes are known for their durability, easy maintenance and convenience. At HijackSmoking we offer metal pipes in a variety of styles such as bongs, chillums, glass blunts, one hitters, sherlocks, specialty pipes and steamrollers. We carry popular brand names like RYOT and Big Pipe. They are generally made of anodized aluminum, brass or steel. To help protect pipes from getting hot to the touch it is common for metal pipes to have a rubber or wood barrier. Metal smoking pipes come in many different colors and designs it is all about finding which one fits your needs!

Hands down the most common style of metal pipes are the classic one hitter bats which come in a variety of sizes that are easy to travel with and fit in most standard dugouts. In more modern metal pipes you will see a hybrid of glass and metal like the Prometheus Pocket Pipes or the 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunts. Hybrid metal pipes have been increasingly popular because you get the durability and portability of a metal pipe with the better tasting quality of glass. Metal pipes are for the most part inexpensive and practically indestructible making them a popular choice for smokers.

Metal Pipes (27)

SMOKEA MJ420 Adjustable Glass Blunt


Trailer Park Boys Bubbler


RYOT Large Aluminum One Hitter Bat


Chill Gear Small Forever Water Pipe Bong


Chill Gear Large Oil Pod


Chill Gear Small Flower Pod Hand Pipe


Chill Gear Large Flower Pod Hand Pipe


Caldwell's Disposable One Hitter Pipe


7 Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt Mini


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