Created in 1991 in Aloha, Oregon Monkey Pipe has been providing smokers worldwide with some of the most convenient pocket pipes ever created. For over two decades these unique pipes have been hand crafted in American and today are available in several different designs. Made from the choicest hardwoods available and custom hand finished. Monkey Pipes are a must have for any tobacco pipe enthusiast.

Monkey Pipes are perfect for on-the-go smokers. Every style is made to be small and discreet while providing features that come in handy for all smokers. These features include swivel lids, to keep your bowl packed while on the go, small storage areas to store extra tobacco, and an easy to disassemble design for easy cleaning. From the Monkey Pipe Classic to the intricate Jet Pal Monkey Pipe, these small, portable wood pipes make the perfect companion for any smoker wherever they may go.

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