O.penVAPE began in 2012 by creating a product that could meet the growing demand for higher-quality oils and improved vaporizers. This effort produced the original O.penVAPE. Since this creation, O.penVAPE has become one of the largest brands in the industry by providing a superior vaporizer pen with a lifetime warranty.

Evolving from the original O.penVAPE the company began to see the potential in other product offerings as well. Not all smokers have the same needs and desires, therefore, it was essential to create products that attended to everyone's wants and needs. O.penVAPE began to release more products, parts, and accessories so that smokers worldwide could customize the way they enjoyed a pleasant vaporizing experience. With the release of the O.penVAPE FIY (Fill-it-Yourself) Kit, customers could use their own materials while still enjoying a superior vaporizer. For those who wanted to use other accessories the O.penVAPE Variable Voltage Battery was born. With an expanding line of products O.penVAPE will continue to design and produce products that smoker's worldwide will find to be an essential for their vaporizing experience.

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