Almost every smoker has used a one hitter (aka bat) at some point in their life. One Hitters are so popular because they are super discreet and easy to use. One Hitters can also be stored in a dugout or taster box which also holds your herb for a super convenient on-the-go smoking solution.

One Hitters and taster bats can be made of a variety of materials including glass, quartz, metal, acrylic and wood. HijackSmoking¬ģ carries the largest selection of one hitter bats online from brands like RYOT, GRAV and more. One Hitters come in a wide variety of designs so it's easy to find one that fits your lifestyle. Take a minute to browse our selection of one hitter taster bats, if you have any questions please be sure to let us know!

One Hitter Dugout Smoking Pipe (9)

RYOT Small Acrylic One Hitter Taster Bat


RYOT Large Aluminum One Hitter Bat


RYOT 12mm Large Wood One Hitter Bat w/ Glass Tip


RYOT 9mm Large Wood One Hitter Bat w/ Glass Tip


Caldwell's Disposable One Hitter Pipe


Red Rob Glass Rasta Taster Bat


GRAV 12mm Concentrate Taster Bat


GRAV 3" Shot Glass Taster


Jane West Solo One Hitter


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