Papers are the staple of any roll your own collection. Papers are among the first of the ways to enjoy tobacco or fine ground herbs. Rolling Papers have been around for centuries and there's good reason for that - they're easy and convenient. No need to carry around a glass pipe or something breakable. Rolling Papers fit easily into your pocket or purse and can be pulled out and rolled up at a moment's notice.

Although they may be easy to use, it's important to have a good quality rolling papers to ensure a quality smoking session. At SMOKEA® we carry only the best names in the Roll Your Own industry including brands like RAW, Juicy Jay's, Zig Zag, Elements, and many more. Rolling papers are also available in a wide variety of sizes, flavors, and ingredients. If your like the millions of smokers who enjoy to roll up on your own, shop SMOKEA's wide selection of papers to find the perfect pack for you.

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