HijackSmoking® is proud to offer one of the largest online selection of pipe parts and accessories. Just buying a new piece sometimes isn't enough. If you're the DIY type, you'll want to add accessories to your new pipe to create a truly unique and personalized smoking experience. In addition, there will be times when a certain part may stop working or is broken. Although we all hate when this happens, HijackSmoking® has you covered to find the perfect replacement parts or pieces.

Our pipe parts and accessories collection features an extremely wide range of products for every smoker. These products include adapters and converters, ash catchers and reclaimers, bowls and domes, bangers and nails, downstems, and parts and pieces. But accessories and parts aren't enough, you'll also want to keep your pipe in the best condition using our cleaners and pipe screens so you won't have to replace parts as often! Shop our wide selection of pipe parts and accessories to create the smoking experience you've always dreamed of!

Pipe Parts & Accessories (124)

Formula 420 All Natural Glass Cleaner


Formula 710 Instant Pipe Cleaner


Formula 710 Advanced Pipe Cleaner


Formula 420 Soak N Rinse Cleaner


Formula 420 Plastics Cleaner


Formula 420 Daily Use Concentrate Glass Cleaner


SMOKEA Quartz Grail Banger w/ Finished Joint


SMOKEA Quartz Terp Slurper Banger w/ Finished Joint


SMOKEA Quartz Core Reactor Banger w/ Finished Joint


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