Portable Vaporizers are by far the most common and most popular type of vaporizer. Unlike desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers are designed to be, well...portable. Their small design makes them super easy and convenient to carry with you wherever you go. Just throw it in your pocket or purse to be vape-ready at any moment. Portable vaporizers are compatiable with several materials including dry herbs, extracts and liquids. Some portable vapes can even vaporize all three! There are several styles of portable vaporizers including the very popular pen style vaporizers as well as portable e-rigs and everything in between. If your in the market for a convenient, on-the-go way to enjoy your materials and get the biggest bang for your buck, shop online at SMOKEA® for your next portable vaporizer. SMOKEA® only carries the best names in the industry so you'll be able to find portable vaporizers from brands like Grenco Science, PAX, Puffco and many more.

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