Pulse Glass is an up and coming force in the glass pipe industry. Starting in 2012, Pulse Glass has been hand-blowing expertly crafted, scientific, high-end functional borosilicate glass art in beautiful Los Angeles, California with the sole mission to become the premier choice for providing you with the best-in-class smoking products and accessories.

The Pulse Glass family enjoys showcasing the craftsmanship of their blowers by focusing the aesthetics on function, clarity and a sophisticated balance of artistic flare. Pulse Glass strives to set the highest standards in service, quality, workmanship and commitment to customers. The gleam and shine of the real platinum labels Pulse is known to use exclusively is impossible to go unnoticed. Why Platinum? Because it is one of the rarest and least reactive metals naturally occurring. Therefore, the Platinum Standard was a natural choice in line with the Pulse design and production philosophy as well as the family's standards of care and service.

Pulse specializes in high end functional glass and Smokea is proud to offer a wide selection of these unique designs. From bongs and rigs to glass hand pipes, bowls, accessories and more Pulse Glass offers a sophisticated smoking experience with each and every piece.

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