Randy's are the original wired rolling papers and it started just like all the coolest things; a couple of friends hanging out and enjoying a nice smoke after a long day. Beginning in 1975 in San Francisco, these friends sought out to solve the problem they encountered time after time. They wanted to make sure to get all their money's worth of product they were burning but without burning their fingers. Everyone's tried using clips and other means to bypass the issue, but nothing worked the way they wanted. Then the idea came, "Hey, let's just put a wire in the papers".

Since 1975, Randy's wired rolling papers has continued to grow in popularity. The ease of use and simple yet innovative technology has changed the way hundreds of thousands have rolled their own cigarettes. After introducing the original Silver 1 1/4 Wired Rolling Papers, Randy's quickly began to release other products such as the Gold King Size Wired Rolling Papers, pipe cleaners, and more. Smoke smarter, not harder with Randy's innovative line of roll your own and smoking products.

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