Rigs (also known as Oil Rigs or Dab Rigs) are a type of water pipe that are designed to be used with concentrates. As opposed to bongs that come with dry herb bowls, rigs typically come with either a dome and nail, banger, or domeless nail. However, all water pipes can be used with either materials with the addition of the right adapters or converters.

Rigs come in a variety of shapes and sizes but all of the feature water filtration for cooler, smoother smoking session. SMOKEA® offers a wide selection of dab rigs from the industry's hottest brands such as GRAV, Famous Brandz, American Helix and Empire Glassworks just to name a few. You'll find recyclers, mini rigs, nectar collectors and so many more that it will be easy to find the perfect dab rig for you!

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