Roll Uh Bowl is the go-anywhere foldable silicone water pipe for the outdoor enthusiast. Created by a Montana native and adventure enthusiast, his outdoor lifestyle dictated for an all-around useful water pipe that he could take anywhere. He needed something lightweight and unbreakable that wouldn't take up a lot of room in his backpack, and so the Roll Uh Bowl was born. Fold the Roll Uh Bowl in half, tuck the bowl and downstem inside and secure with the included silicone band. Throw your portable piece into a backpack, pocket or purse and hit the trails, slopes, beach or wherever adventure may take you.

After the original Roll Uh Bowl became such a hit throughout the smoking industry the Roll Uh Bowl company decided to expand it's product selection by creating the Big RuB or Big Roll Uh Bowl. The Big RuB is a larger version of the original Roll Uh Bowl that provides larger hits, perfect for passing around the campfire on a camping trip. The Big RuB is still perfectly portable, foldable and unbreakable just in a larger design. If your looking for "Smoky Bubbles Anywhere" grab a Roll Uh Bowl and get to where you're going.

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