These days there are a ton of glass brands to choose from, however, RooR has the advantage of being around for much longer than most glass brands and has been providing the highest quality glass smoking accessories for decades to smokers worldwide. Based out of Germany, RooR was founded by Martin Birzle who devoted himself to the creation of glass pipes. His expertise in the craftsmanship of glassblowing combined with his credo, never to manufacture mass products, but to create functional glass art objects is what has made RooR stand out from the rest.

The philosophy of RooR is to provide the highest quality and best functionality with individual and appealing designs. These designs have transformed RooR into a four-time High Times Cup Winner at international conventions. Because of the success and demand for RooR products, many over-seas companies have began producing knock-off RooR products. Rest assured, Smokea only carries authentic RooR products and will never resort to knock-offs to save a few bucks. When you're in the market for the highest quality in functional glass art look no further than a new bong or piece from RooR.

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