RYOT designs and manufactures high quality smoking gear made for smokers, by smokers. RYOT products are modern lifestyle products especially geared for our times. Innovation is the name of the game at RYOT, always creating new, unique products that smokers truly want and need.

From one hitters to pack and protect products, RYOT provides a wide selection of pipes and smoking accessories that can enhance your smoking session in more ways than one. RYOT dugouts (aka "taster boxes") and one hitter bats are some of our most popular products here at HijackSmoking. The quality and unique designs make these RYOT products stand out from the rest. But it doesn't end there, everyone needs a way to store and protect their beloved pieces and RYOT provides the highest quality pouches and carrying cases compared to any other brands. RYOT pack and protect products provide a safe, durable way to store and transport your pieces while including features like SmellSafe technology and NoGoo lined pouches. You may not know you need any RYOT products but once you own them, you'll wonder why you didn't get it sooner.

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