Using pipe screens in your glass, metal, acrylic, wood, or silicone pipe is an important part of keeping your pipe clean and your mouth free of debris. Smoking pipe screens are available in several shapes, sizes and designs but all serve the same purpose; prevent your materials from traveling through the pipe and into your mouth while still providing adequate airflow for proper use.

Pipe screens are available online at HijackSmokingĀ in metal screens, honeycomb glass and ceramic screens, glass daisy screens and more. Each type of screen serves a unique purpose, for example, many people do not like the taste of using metal screens in a glass bowl or piece. Therefore, glass or honeycomb screens are mainly used for glass pieces while metal screens are more often used for metal pipes. However, screen style, size and shape is all a personal preference. We recommend trying a few different options so that you can find the perfect pipe screen that compliments your piece perfectly.

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