Sharpstone Grinders are among the most popular and best functioning grinders on the market. Sharpstone Grinders are made of heavy duty aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel micro mesh screens. The grinding teeth in a Sharpstone grinder are razor sharp diamond cut teeth that will provide the best grinding action and consistency of any high end grinder. Not only do they function great but all Sharpstone grinders are beautifully designed and feature a polish finish that prevents any scratches.

Sharpstone continues to innovate, creating new products that revolutionize the grinder market. One of their innovations include the use of a clear top on their grinders that allow you to watch the grinding action while it's in use. This feature quickly became extremely popular and other grinder brands began to follow. In addition to the clear top Sharpstone has created several unique grinding features that other brands can't compete with. An example of this is Sharpstone's unique vibrating grinder that allows for better and easier pollen collection in the base of the grinder.

Whether you own the uniquely designed Sharpstone V2, a convenient hand-crank grinder or a Sharpstone XL, you'll be able to rest easy you own one of the most durable grinders on the market. Try out a Sharpstone Grinder today and change the way you grind.

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