Sherlock hand pipes aren't just for Sherlock Holmes. Typically when you see a sherlock pipe you either think of the iconic character or maybe your grandpa smoking from his wooden sherlock pipe. Sherlock pipes, while named after the character, aren't just available in the wooden style he smoked from. Sherlock hand pipes can be described as having a saxophone shape with a medium to large bowl that wraps around to a curved mouthpiece. Instead of being a straight shot to the mouthpiece, like spoons or steamrollers, the curved mouthpiece provides a longer path for the smoke to travel and creates a smoother hit.

Many brands and glassblowers such as GRAV, Empire Glassworks and more have taken advantage of this uniquely styled hand pipe creating some fascinating designs and SMOKEA® is proud to offer a wide selection of those designs. Sherlocks can come in a variety of materials including wood, glass, and metal. Sherlocks can be a fun pipe to smoke from, and you may just have to try it to see if you like it. Plus, they do make you look more sophisticated when using one! Luckily, many Sherlocks are relatively inexpensive, so you’re sure to find one in your price range.

Sherlocks (17)

Chameleon Glass Home Dancer Sherlock Pipe


GRAV 3" Mini Mariner Sherlock Hand Pipe


GRAV 4" Sitter Sherlock Hand Pipe


GRAV 6" Tankard Sherlock Hand Pipe


Mathematix Inside Out Slyme Sherlock w/ Screen


Mathematix Black Sherlock Pipe w/ Slyme Accents


Mathematix Black Sherlock w/ Slyme Drip


Dynomite Glass Gold Fumed Sherlock Pipe w/ Moss Green Dots


Casto x Goblin King Illuminati Bear Sherlock Collab


Juicy Handmade Wooden Sherlock Pipe


Jason Knight Gold Fumed Sherlock Pipe


GRAV 5.5" Saxophone Sherlock Hand Pipe


GRAV 6" Sherlock Hand Pipe


GRAV 4" Sherlock Hand Pipe


Chameleon Glass Finger Binger Glass Hand Pipe


Dynomite Glass Inside-Out Rasta Briar Pipe


Dynomite Glass Bob Marley Rasta Frit Standing Sherlock


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