Introducing the SiliNectar; for the first time in the world, a silicone Nectar Collector. SiliNectar solves the problem of most stand up, vertical vaporizers and Nectar Collectors; breakage. Too many times we've heard of customers spending an outrageous amount on a fancy Nectar Collector just to have a broke by a clumsy friend who doesn't know how to use a vertical vaporizer. Now, with SiliNectar your clumsy friend can't break it.

SiliNectar is not only indestructible but is made with FDA approved silicone and is dishwasher safe and heat resistant. Each SiliNectar comes with a matching silicone docking station so you can easily and safely rest your SiliNectar in between uses. The docking station also conveniently holds tools and materials. The included titanium nail can also store in the docking station for easy portability. If you're interested in trying a Nectar Collector or vertical vaporizer at an affordable price without worrying about breaking it, the SiliNectar was made for you!

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