You might find yourself here simply because you're wondering "What the heck is a spubbler?" Well let us fill you in. A spubbler is a lazily named hybrid of a standard spoon pipe and bubbler hand pipe. Spubblers are great for those who enjoy the size and convenience of a smaller sized dry spoon pipe but still want the function of a water pipe.

Spubbler pipes are unique because they feature a built in chamber that holds water and filters your smoke for a cleaner, smoother smoking experience. Although, this isn't a very common pipe style, those who use one typically don't use anything else. Why would you? You get the best of both worlds!

Check out SMOKEA's selection of spubbler pipes to find the perfect portable sized water pipe for you!

Spubbler Water Pipe (2)

Jeremy Griffin Original Micro Sherb Bubbler


Chameleon Glass Monsoon Water Filtered Handpipe


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