#THISTHINGRIPS is a high quality vaporizer company specializing in portable, wax and concentrate pen vaporizers; made for everyone from beginners to the daily smoker. All #THINGTHINGRIPS vaporizers are designed to be discreet pen-style vapes so that you can enjoy your concentrates or waxes on the go and without drawing too much unwanted attention.

#THISTHINGIRPS has created some of the world's most popular wax vape pens including the OG Four and R-Series lines of vaporizers. Every #THISTHINGRIPS vape is designed specifically for use with waxes and concentrates, you won't find any dry herb vapes here. Made with the absolute highest quality materials including titanium and quartz coils and packed with features, #THINGTHISRIPS is the best choice for anyone looking for a new concentrate vaporizer pen.

SMOKEA® is an authorized online retailer of #THISTHINGRIPS and we stand by their products from start to finish. Whether you are new to the vaping world or a vape connoisseur, there's something for everyone with the amazing selection of concentrate vaporizers from #THISTHINGRIPS.



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