Just add water! Water pipes include a variety of different pipe styles including bongs, rigs, bubblers, and spubblers. Browse SMOKEA's large online selection of water pipes from some of the best names in the industry including Grav Labs, Mathematix, Graffix, Eyce, Glowfly Glass and many more.

Used for centuries, the water pipes use a water filtration system creating a smoother smoking experience. On the contrary, dry pipes, do not use any water and have no filtration for your smoke. Some water pipes provide additional filtration by adding percolators or diffusers for an even smoother smoke. In addition, you can use chilled water or add ice to some water pipes for the coolest smoking session. Some of the most popular water pipes are bongs, which are typically used for dry materials, and rigs that are used for oils and concentrates. However bubblers and spubblers are designed more for personal use and offer a smaller, more portable size. No matter the water pipe you're looking for, SMOKEA offers water pipes to fit any lifestyle.

Water Pipes (116)

SMOKEA Colored Mini Rig Bubbler w/ Flower Marble


SMOKEA 8" Cut Glass Mini Bong w/ Bent Neck


Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe Bong


Eyce Silicone Rig 2.0


GRAV 7" Bates Worm Standard Diffusion Pump Bubbler


My Bud Vase Rose Bong


Glowfly Glass 55" (4.5ft) Super Thick Bong


Glowfly Glass Mini Honeycomb Dabber Straight Rig w/ Bent Mouthpiece


Glowfly Glass Mini Honeycomb Dabber Can Rig


Eyce Silicone Sidecar Rig w/ Honeycomb Perc


Noble Glass Small Standard Oil Rig


My Bud Vase Monica Bong


My Bud Vase Shelly Bong


American Helix Titan Series Helios Rig


American Helix Titan Series Hyperion Rig


Chameleon Glass McCoy Oilers Hive Rig


Chameleon Glass McCoy Oilers Reynolds Ultra Low Drag Rig


Chameleon Glass McCoy Oilers Oil Can w/ Reynolds Perc


Chameleon Glass McCoy Oilers Inline Diffuser Rig


GRAV STAX Regulus Package


GRAV STAX Ursa Package


GRAV STAX Aquila Package


GRAV STAX Andromeda Package


GRAV STAX Capella Package


Empire Glassworks "Pineapple Paradise" Mini Rig


GRAV STAX Orion Package


Quantum Sci 12" Straight Imperial Bong w/ Chandelier Perc


GRAV STAX Hercules Package


SMOKEA Silicone Bong w/ Glass Tree Perc


GRAV 11" Gravitron Gravity Bong


Piecemaker Kirby Silicone Bong


GRAV 6.5" Orbis Lume Rig


GRAV 5.5" Orbis Borocca Rig


GRAV 7" Orbis Sphera Rig


GRAV 7" Orbis Coppa Rig


GRAV 5.5" Arcline Upright Bubbler


GRAV 6" Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler Bong


GRAV 12" Beaker Bong


GRAV 12" Straight Base Bong w/ Fixed Downstem


GRAV 10" Hourglass Recycler Bong


GRAV 6" Umbrella Perc Rig


Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe Bong


Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler Pipe


Piecemaker Kahuna 2' Silicone Bong


Mathematix Gumball Machine Rig


Mathematix Dual Use Colored Telescope Bong


Mathematix Lil Duck Rig


Empire Glassworks Mini Watermelon & Orange Drink Rig


Empire Glassworks Mini Mushroom Recycler


Trailer Park Boys The Boys Bong


Trailer Park Boys Julian Bong


MJ Arsenal Original King Toke Blunt Bubbler


Piecemaker Kube Silicone Rig


Buddie Burners Snack Pack Blunt Bubbler


Buddie Burners Sippie Blunt Bubbler


Buddie Burners Oil Slick Blunt Bubbler


Buddie Burners Kaboom Blunt Bubbler


MJ Arsenal Original Martian Blunt Bubbler


Mike O’Connor Frit Donut Sidelock Bubbler


Mike O’Connor Frit Donut Sherlock Bubbler


Jeremy Griffin Original Micro Sherb Bubbler


Troy Hales Blue Sherlock Bubbler w/ Colored Accents


Troy Hales Green Sherlock Bubbler w/ Colored Accents


Troy Hales Blue Hammer Bubbler w/ Colored Accents


SMOKEA 14mm Nectar Collector Rig


Roll-uh-Bowl Big RuB Silicone Bong


Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Silicone Bong


Casto x Goblin King Illuminati Bear Rig Collab


Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke Pedro Bong


Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke Strawberry Bong


Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke Anthony Rig


GRAV x Jane West 10" Beaker


GRAV x Jane West 5" Upright Bubbler


Headway Big Boy 36"-72" (3ft - 6ft) Acrylic Bong