Zen is the producer of the original hemp rolling papers. Zen has quickly became a well known name in the roll your own industry because of the quality and smooth burn of their rolling papers. Zen has developed a strong following of loyal customers and enthusiasts. After the success of Zen hemp rolling papers they have created a large line of different sizes of their hemp rolling papers including Zen 1 1/4, Zen 1 1/2, Zen King Size and Double Zen.

Beginning in 2004 and 2005 as Zen continued to grow in popularity, Zen created a new look with black packaging and a gold logo. In addition to their new look, Zen began to create a wide range of roll your own products in addition to the original hemp rolling papers. Zen has gone on to create even more products for the roll your own enthusiast such as filter tips, wood pipes, rolling machines and more.

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