If you've ever used roll your own products you've probably heard of the Zig Zag brand. Zig Zag was founded in 1879 by the Braunstein Brothers when they perfected an interleaving packaging process that allowed rolling papers to automatically dispense from a booklet one at a time. After realizing what they had the brothers patented their design and named the new product Zig Zag after the Z shape of the of the interleaved papers within the booklet. This revolutionary process for rolling papers is the standard packaging still used today.

After gaining international recognition throughout the 1900's the trademark Zig-Zag was registered and began to grow into the world-wide brand known today. With over 130 years of rolling paper knowledge Zig Zag has come to create some of the best selling roll your own products in the industry. From the classic Zig Zag papers to Zig Zag wraps and even the newest Zig Zag cones, the Zig Zag brand continues to innovate and offer a wide range of products to fit any lifestyle.

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